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If you are a songwriter, make sure you are registered with ASCAP or BMI.​ Read this article to understand

how money is made from music.


Lyricist get writers credit. Lyrics only do not make you a songwriter. Maybe a poet, but not necessarily a songwriter.

 Putting your lyrics to a melody is what makes a song. 


Music has to be created/arranged and recorded

to go with your melody and lyrics.​ You start with music already put together (the beat) and then

you create words and a melody to fit.

"Professional Musicians"

Musicians put sounds in the right places.​

The "Arranger" selects the instruments and sounds

to fit the song.​ A "Music Producer" is the Director.

They over-see every creative aspect

to complete the song.


The "Engineer"  is the person who makes sure

all of the music and vocals get recorded accurately.

The "Mixer"  balances out volume levels & adds  necessary 

EQ & Effects. ( Compression, Delays, Reverbs, etc)

"Mastering Engineers" take the final mix

and complete  the process with Mastering tools

to get the song radio ready.

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