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"These are AMAZING ways to connect and capture special events and lasting memories.


Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Weddings, Sports, and Funerals.



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“Standout Productions is a top-notch all-inclusive media company that is a pleasure to work with! I have worked with Andre on many musical and design projects over the years and have been nothing but satisfied with his dedication to the details and overall creativity.  I plan on keep using his services and I couldn’t recommend Standout Productions more!” - Lyons  Entertainment Group

Since 2014, I've had the pleasure to work with the multifaceted Mark "Dre" Brown and Standup Productions on several occasions, who brought our radio station to another level of awesomeness. 


First, he composed, sang, and produced one of our jingles on The Morning Rotation Show.


But wait there's more...Standout Productions also created an attractive logo for KLJN 107.7, which we used on all our promotional media and printed material.


Hold on, I'm not finished.   Standout Productions also did an outstanding job producing, co-writing, and arranging my own recorded song, "Dear Future Husband", which I absolutely loved. 


Mark "Dre" Brown is someone with many features and perspectives to consider. Standout Productions has many different talents in many fields.  

I recommend Standout Productions to any and everyone who has a project that needs graphic designs, studio production, and more.  Hit him up, tell him your vision, and he'll help you bring it to fruition.  - LadyJaz Simmons/ Executive Producer

KLJN 107.7 / QLJN Radio

Thank you for making my aunts video. Im so thankful. You have no idea. Much love. - Adisa Banjoko


Wow. Thank you so much. Just finished the service and everyone was blown away by the video. Thank you!!!! This is amazing! YOU did an AMAZING Job! Thank you thank you thank you - Kim Smith



I worked with Standout Productions on my very first Album.  The experience was like none I've ever had, even till this day, and I've had my fair share of studios both amateur and professional. 

Standout Productions ran very professional.  Meetings were conducted about my project and studio time was always about ME, the artists.  There were no interruptions during MY time.  Constructive criticism in creating a well rounded product was always motivating and positive. 

From the music, to the lyrics, from mixing and mastering, to the overall composition of my album, the outcome of my project was amazing.  I, as well as my family, were very impressed and happy with the finished product. 

I would recommend Standout Productions to serious recording artists in a heartbeat!  The music that come from this company is truly remarkable.  All ages would be able to work with and get the product they desire with Standout Productions. 

I would absolutely work with Standout Productions again.  The time spent was both comfortable and creative.  I've learned a lot from this company.  Lucky me, I was fortunate to do so on my very first recording studio experience.

Thank you Standout Productions for helping me learn and giving me the sound I wanted.  I am forever grateful for that opportunity.-  Ms.Ruby (Ruby Guzman) Recording Artist 

You Mark, you have faith in God and gratitude in your heart for the many blessing you’ve been afforded, beginning with a loving home where you are privileged to be raising 2 quality children who are talented and a light for your marriage. You have many gifts I’d say your ability to align and relate to people is one of your greatest.  - George Hobbs

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